How can I stream NFR on DirecTV?

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How can I stream NFR on DirecTV?


Las Vegas is the melting pot of the Rodeo sports. Every year, the most excellent Rodeo stars convene in the City to compete for the ultimate prize money of $10 million. The reward is very massive, but it is not all about financial benefits. The overall winner gains international recognition and would become an ambassador of the game. Held during the first two weeks of December of every year, the NFR lasts for ten days, and the winner is deduced from the cumulation of the total prize money won before and during the NFR championship.

You are still perturbed on how to watch the NFR games from home? Worry no more! You can do so through DirecTV online Streaming service.

DirecTV is one of the most accessible media of watching the NFR games. Let’s take a look at the key things to note so that you can stream NFR online on DirecTV.

  • DirecTV is recently known as AT&T TV Now, and it comes with a free trial period of seven days. With this, users have seven good days to test the service, and they can cancel it if they are not satisfied with it.
  • With the right timing, Fans can watch the entire NFR games free during the trial version period.
  • DirecTV announced in 2007 that the company reached an agreement with CBS Sports Network to stream the wrangler NFR championship online. Rodeo enthusiasts can now have full access to the CBS sports network.
  • CBS is available in virtually all the DirecTV packages. With just $35 per month, users can subscribe to the basic package of the DirecTV service. DirecTV is relatively cheap when compared to other similar services.
  • DirecTV is probably the cheapest medium for watching or streaming the wrangler NFR championship. Cost for each day is $7; hence; with just less than $80, users can view the NFR games for the ten days without stressing their pockets.
  • DirecTV is one of the legal ways of watching the NFR championship without the need for satellite or cable.
  • DirecTV does not require a cable connection or satellite. The primary prerequisite is a high-speed internet connection.
  • To watch NFR games via DirecTV on the big screen, Rodeo Fans are advised to download or get a compatible browser device such as Roku, AppleTV, Amazon Fire TV, or Google Chromecast.
  • On DirecTV, Fans can catch the actions by navigating to channel 221 or channel 158 for Dish network. 
  • The DirectTV now App is compatible with Android and Apple phones. It is compatible with Laptops and other computer devices.

Wrapping up:

The CBS sports network has the official right to broadcast Wrangler NFR games. The games are displayed every night from 10 pm EST. Today, NFR games can be watched via phones, Laptops, etc. All you need to have is a secure internet connection and an online streaming service such as DirecTV.

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