Why is it called the ashes in cricket?

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Why is it called the ashes in cricket?


Yes, you have been a loyal fan who has been following everything and every part of the Ashes cricket test series. But do you know why it is called the Ashes? Though Ashes test Series is among the top cricket tournament, loved by many fans around the globe, but many of them don’t realize why it called the Ashes.

Neither does most of them even after Ashes free streaming, think to do research and find out the source of the tournament. However, for you who are here because you want to know why the tournament, is called the Ashes, we are here to help you. In this post, we give a straightforward answer precisely.

Do you want to know? Then continue reading.

The Ashes test series is a tournament played between England and Australia. There is no other team who participates or plays this tournament. But why? That Is why the meaning of the tournament comes from.

It started in 1882 when the Australian cricket team won the plays. While it was the first-ever official cricket competition and the first-ever win for team Australia, it was celebrated by burning the cricket bails.

It didn’t end there and with the like of media, they have to write something. During that time, there was one famous and most-read paper in England. The paper wrote that the cricket of England has died and the ashes taken to Australia.

This appeared to be mockery but a reality. So, England started searching for the Ashes and that is why the tournament. So, when they play the tournament, they are trying to win and collect their ashes back.

But for the past 100 years, I don’t see if they have collected enough Ashes. The wins are almost equal.

Last Note

And that is the meaning of the ashes cricket.

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