Rugby World Cup 2019: first time held in ASIA

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Rugby World Cup 2019: first time held in ASIA


Fans of the Rugby World Cup are very excited that it has changed locations in 2019. For the first time, you will be able to watch the Rugby World Cup live in Asia! It is being held this year in Japan and will air on September 20th through November 2nd. It has never been held anywhere in Asia and those who live in Japan are pretty excited!

The first match of the Rugby World Cup will take place in Chofu, Tokyo at the Ajinomoto Stadium. The championship match will take place at the Nissan Stadium in Yokohama. This news came to Japan in 2015 when the Rugby World Cup officials announced that they had won the hosting bid.

There were actually a few countries that had bid on the 2019 Rugby World Cup. Russia had announced that they would bid on this, but they ended up withdrawing their bid for 2015 and 2019. Australia was another country that ended up withdrawing, their bid for the Rugby World Cup this year. That would leave three potential hosts. Italy, Japan, and South Africa were the countries that did not withdraw their bids and it was left up to the officials to make a final choice.

The qualified teams for this year’s Rugby World Cup are teams from all over the world. They include South Africa, the United States, Canada, Japan, France, England, Ireland, Georgia, Russia, Italy, Wales, Australia, and many more. The teams will play in four bands or categories. These bands are how the teams compete and the winners of them will move onto the championship game.

Fans will be able to watch live streaming Rugby World Cup 2019 from many cable and online sources. Your local listings will have this information as it gets closer to September and the Rugby World Cup official website will have more information as well.

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