Why do they drink milk at Indy 500?

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Why do they drink milk at Indy 500?


After you have researched the ways to watch Indy 500 live and you have established your platform for watching the race live, you’re all set. However, there are a few things that you may have questions about. You may want to know why they drink milk at the Indy 500. We have the answer.

Why Do They Drink Milk at Indy 500?

This is a tradition at the Indy 500. The winning driver drinks milk and pours it over themselves. This is a very serious tradition, in fact, a security guard watches the milk during the race.

drink milk at Indy 500

Normally after an athlete finishes a race or an event, they are given water, Powerade, Gatorade, or something with electrolytes and sodium in it. Not at the Indy 500. The winner receives an ice-cold bottle of milk. For the 33 drivers who start the race at the Indy 500, drinking milk is something they look forward to.

Previous winners of the Indy 500 have said that that was the best drink they ever had. Their reasoning, they knew that they had won the race. They looked forward to that milk the whole race. It was the moment that they were waiting for.

How did the Milk Drinking Begin?

The tradition began when Louis Meyer won in 1933 and asked for buttermilk following the race. Which was five hours long then. Meyer’s mother always told him to drink milk when he was thirsty as a child. Every time he won, he would drink milk. That’s how it all started. The second time he won, the buttermilk was in a glass. There was a lot of marketing potential and this helped boost the tradition.

Of course, there was a monetary incentive for the drivers who would embrace the milk idea. In 1956, the winner was paid an extra $400 to drink milk. Now they get $10,000 by the American Dairy Association.

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