What are the moves in boxing?

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What are the moves in boxing?


Do you know that you can start boxing at home? It is a very effective method to becoming a boxing pro. However, it is not that easy. You need some things in place to get started. What are those requirements? Here we help you by breaking down what you require.

moves of boxing

Punching bag

The first thing you need to start boxing at home is a punching bag. This can be purchased or make one of your own. If you don’t have money, get a medium sized sack or bag and fill with stuff such as sawdust, old clothes, or sand. Watch Crawford vs Khan Live Stream Online Fight for the best movies .

Then you also need the stand. There are many stands, you can get free standing stands or wall mounted, or ceiling stands. Just make sure that the stand you buy can support the weight of your punching bag.

Training attires

The second thing you need to have is proper training attire. Among the attires, that you must have is the training or punching gloves. You can go for 16 ouches gloves.

You also need a gym short, vest, or t-shirt.


The third thing you need is a timer. Remember you need timing in your training. So, buying a timer can be advantageous at that point.

Training Gear

The fourth thing you need is training gears. Don’t buy expensive equipment. You can have a jumping rope. Other exercises like pushups you can do freely.

A trainer

This is the most important requirement you must have. Remember, to excel you need ideas from experts.

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