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Canelo Fight in 2019


The Canelo Alverez fight in 2019 is against Daniel Jacobs. There will be many ways to watch Canelo vs Jacobs live coverage. In fact, we will cover some of these in this article. This fight is being brought to you by Golden Boy Promotions and DAZN, who landed a huge contract with Canelo worth $365 million.

Some of the tickets for this fight have already sold out, but there is still time to get tickets and for your budget too. This fight is at the T-Mobile arena and the last fight that was there for boxing was completely sold out. This is the biggest fight boxing has ever seen, so there’s no doubt, it will sell out, or be close to it.

When this fight begins, the fans should be ready for an event like none other. Canelo is going to be the one to beat at this fight. There is a height advantage of about 4 inches. Jacobs is going to have to make sure that he controls the distance with his physical advantage’s, Jacobs could probably pull off a win if he really focused on his competition.

As far as their power goes, they both seem to have a decent amount of power. Canelo is a great finisher and has a one-punch knockout move that has been a winner for him. However, the last time that Jacobs was knocked out was in 2010. Jacobs can handle whatever is thrown his way.

This fight could become many things. We feel that it is either going to be a slugfest or a strategic fight in which both fighters use their own ways to win this fight. Either way, this is going to be an exciting fight. Canelo has the ability to counterpunch as he goes backward. Jacobs is a boxer-puncher who fights better as the aggressive one. He can show you power as a counterpuncher as well though.

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